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60 minute Magnified Healing

To focus on specific areas of the body

  • 1 h
  • 45 British pounds
  • Hill Street Studios, Newport

Service Description

Magnified Healing: A mystical tapestry of ancient wisdom and cosmic energy, it beckons those seeking profound transformation. 🌟 Let’s unravel its secrets: Powerful Healing Energies: Picture the Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin, bestowing her blessings upon two Reiki masters—Katherine Andersen and Giselle King. The result? Magnified Healing, a thousandfold more potent than other methods. It’s like connecting your heart directly to the universe’s life force—a bridge to grace and spirituality. Soul Harmonization: Magnified Healing weaves together the scattered voices within us, creating a symphony of soul. It empowers, augments, and elevates our consciousness. 🌿 Universal Energy Embodiment: Unlike Reiki, where energy flows through us, Magnified Healing invites us to become the universal energy itself. Imagine feeling the cosmic currents flowing within—intense, vibrant, and alive. Three Elements of Healing: Breadth, Sound, and Movement—these form the trinity of Magnified Healing. 🌀 Breathe in the essence, resonate with sacred sounds, and let gentle movements awaken dormant energies. Kwan Yin’s Blessing: Directly linked to Kwan Yin’s powerful energies, this healing modality activates our innate healing abilities. 🌸 It’s a path from the mundane to the divine, from lesser to kinder, gracious existence. Why Choose Magnified Healing? Intuitive Skills: Develop your intuition. Emotional Stability: Find balance and peace. Physical Well-Being: Reduce pain, strengthen immunity. Spiritual Growth: Ascend to higher realms. So, dear seeker, embrace the magnificence of Magnified Healing—a cosmic dance of light and love! 🌟✨

Cancellation Policy

Being a small business, it is important to honour bookings and payments in advance are required to confirm your session or appointment. I pay a fee of £1 for each booking made so refund is cost of service minus £1.

Contact Details

  • Hill Street Studios, Commercial Street, Kingsway Centre, Newport, UK

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