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Chakra Healing Ceremony

432hz frequency

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 20 British pounds
  • Hill Street Studios in Newport

Service Description

Sound baths are a powerful form of sound therapy. Participants immerse themselves in the sound waves produced by instruments, I use chakra singing bowls that are tuned to 432hz and the notes of 7 main chakras in the body. The goal is to guide the mind, body, and soul into deep relaxation where healing can occur. Benefits of Crystal Bowl Sound Baths Relaxation: Sound baths help participants de-stress and let go of what no longer serves them. Inner Peace: The soothing sounds and vibrations create a serene atmosphere. Physical and Spiritual Wellness: Incorporating crystal bowls enhances spiritual well-being. Specific Benefits: Improved Sleep Quality Boosted Immune System Increased Energy Levels Enhanced Digestion Pain Relief Improved Circulation Brain Clarity Experience the Magic I provide various options for you to enjoy the sound bath, either sitting or laying on a sofa, chair or airbed, with blankets and cushions. I have fidget toys for those of us who want to make use of them, the environment has low lighting and projected images to create a safe, cosy space. I use a body scan mediation to help you to relax into the space and set your intentions of what you want to focus on during our time together. These chakra healing ceremonies include medicine songs sung by me that are simple prayers for healing. The songs are short and each part is repeated four times, so the prayer can travel to all directions, to become part of collective consciousness. I have produced a handy info sheet that each person who signs up for free membership via my webiste will receive, that includes more information about each chakra and how it can benefit you physically, mentally and spiritually by being part of these ceremonies. There is no water involved in a sound bath, you relax and allow the vibrations to penetrate your body, promoting relaxation and inner harmony. Be open to the transformative effects of sound, and let the healing frequencies wash over you. We end the ceremony by drinking tea and sharing our inner journeys with each other, if we feel like sharing, or we can just sit and enjoy the tea!

Cancellation Policy

Being a small business, it is important to honour bookings and payments in advance are required to confirm your session or appointment. I pay a fee of £1 for each booking made so refund is cost of service minus £1.

Contact Details

  • 137A Commercial Street, Kingsway Centre, Newport, UK


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